Ask Jennifer: Get to Know BWCF (P. 2)

Ask Jennifer: Get to Know BWCF (P. 2)

Who are some of the professionals working with you? What help do they provide?

We work with corporate sponsors who help to underwrite the costs of our fundraising events. We allow each of our charities to sell tickets to all of our events and to keep every dollar of each ticket sold— our corporate partners make this possible.

Every business or organization has to abide by specific governmental regulations that sometimes may or may not benefit the work you do. What particular rule or regulation, if any, may need revision in order to facilitate the work that organizations of your type do?

Legislation is always changing and affecting the way the non-profit world works. All legislation is important, but especially that related to funding. Tax bills and financial regulations change how, when, and how much donors contribute each year. Just as important are the bills that affect the mission of our granted charities.

What would you say is the most rewarding about the work that Boca West Children Foundation does?

The most rewarding aspect of the Foundation’s work is how truly appreciative the children are. At every event where we have children, each child says “thank you.” I can’t tell you how many times these children put smiles on the faces of our office staff and board members. We receive thank you cards, emails— and the photos. The look of true happiness on a child’s face when he receives a bed and no longer has to sleep on the floor. It’s life-changing and it’s way we do what we do. We could never do enough. It’s all about the kids.

In which ways can individuals or businesses get involved with your organization to help the cause?

Boca West Children’s Foundation is excited to have individuals and businesses involved on all levels. Whether it’s donating time to volunteer at events, to mentor children and students, to pull teeth at our dental clinic, or to underwrite the cost of an event to allow charities to raise money through the foundation, there is a place for everyone. Simply get in touch with us at to learn more about how to get involved.